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The First Wash


This past weekend, I washed my sisterlocks for the first time. I was dreading this process because it is new and the last thing I want to happen is for my locks to unravel. My hair has been sisterlocked for four weeks now and I have been instructed to wash it only before my retightening–at least until my locks are mature enough to withstand the moisture. Waiting four weeks was tough, but I bought a spray bottle and put witch hazel in it so that I can spray my scalp and clean it during the four weeks. If not, I would have gone mad from my scalp itching so greatly.

Just to make sure that I was going about the process right, I spoke with my locktician, read the sisterlock directions, and watched several videos on youtube so that I could assess what technique would be best for my hair. I didn’t find any videos with women with permed ends, but I just followed my lockticians advice and bundled where my locks began and not where the perm ends. I decided to actually use a double band approach to bundling because of this. I placed a band where my locks began and then about a half of an inch before the perm ends and then folded the hair over into a bundle to ensure the perm ends did not unfurl during washing.

In order to bundle, I used all of the sisterlock rubber bands but I ended up purchasing some damage free scrunchies that are colorful and resemble rubber bands. I found that these work great with the thickness of my hair and they are not slippery when wet which makes it easier to remove. I had two goals during this process: do not allow my locks to unravel and do not tangle up my perm ends and cause breakage. These small bands helped me with both of these goals.

I only used the sisterlock shampoo and I lathered it into the bundles and into my scalp. I did not let the water run on my locks for too long. I was told not to drench the locks, but to be sure to wet them and be sure to get the soap out. When I was finished I individually separated all of my locks even though they are so small. I would rather take the time to separate my tiny locks than to have her have to complete the entire process over because my locks have matted together.

In order to prepare for my tightening the next day, I let my hair air dry. I continued to run my fingers throughout the locks periodically, because I did not want my locks to join during the drying process. That night I sprayed the ends with water and conditioner and used my lock loops to produce curls.